“Bodies” – Netflix Series Review 2023

In the eight approximately one-hour episodes of the Paul Tomalin-created Netflix series “Bodies,” a narrative that defies logic unfolds. This series features an original and captivating concept, combining elements of crime investigation with a compelling time-travel twist. Prepare for a binge-worthy journey as we delve into this intriguing show, in which an unidentified body mysteriously reappears in the same London alley, bearing the same wounds, in various time periods.


An Enigma That Bends Time

The central mystery of “Bodies” involves a nude, deceased individual who appears in the same location in London’s East End during four distinct time periods: 1890, 1941, 2023, and 2053. What makes this mystery so perplexing is that the victim has remained identical throughout these time jumps, bearing a gunshot wound to the eye and an enigmatic tattoo on the wrist. As viewers, we are drawn into a narrative that is both engaging and complex, with some answers being readily deduced and others being shrouded in deeper motivations.

A Fascinating Conspiracy Is Unfolding

The essence of the mystery resides in the connections between these four apparently unrelated time periods. The narrative adds complexity because a detective inspector is in charge of each era. These detectives quickly realize that their investigations span decades and are interconnected. As they delve further into the mystery, the plot intensifies, and an enigmatic political leader emerges as the central figure. These four detectives must work together to uncover a conspiracy that transcends time in order to solve the over-150-year-old mystery.

bodies netflix series review

The Good and Bad Points of “Bodies”

While the series provides an exciting and novel premise, it also contains elements that both captivate and challenge the viewer. The series does a remarkable job of concealing a significant portion of the plot, preventing it from being immediately apparent. However, it is important to note that some answers are relatively simple to guess, whereas the motivations behind certain characters’ actions remain shrouded in obscurity. This equilibrium prevents the narrative from veering into the domain of the convoluted while keeping it engaging and intricate.

A Delicate Balance

The length of the series may test the endurance of a few observers. In the seventh episode, the narrative pauses to delve more deeply into the 1890 timeline, despite the fact that each episode primarily jumps between various time periods. This, despite being informative and comprehensive, can make the series feel somewhat drawn-out. It occasionally revisits concepts and storylines that don’t necessarily require repetition. Given the series’ skill in establishing emotions, affections, emotional complications, and attraction, it may seem unnecessary to repeat certain character relationships in certain parts of the narrative.

Outstanding Executions

The outstanding performances of its cast significantly enhanced despite some instances of narrative redundancy. The four detective inspectors portrayed by Kyle Soller, Jacob Fortune Lloyd, Amaka Okafor, and Shira are crucial to the story’s progression. Each actor captures the essence of their respective eras, from mannerisms to stature, and immerses himself or herself in the time periods they occupy. The beauty of their performances resides in their collective impact on the plot; no single character dominates the narrative, as their actions intertwine across various years, harmonizing rather than existing in isolation.

bodies netflix series

A Discussion Forum on Social Issues

The series’ ability to incorporate social commentary into each time period is also notable. Despite the fact that much of this commentary is overt and lacks nuance, it is essential to comprehend the intentions of the creators. The series emphasizes the themes it intends to address by making explicit the social issues it addresses. This method facilitates the clear and unambiguous transmission of the message to the target audience. The additional actors, including Steven Graham, Gabriel Howell, George Parker, Synnove Karlsen, and Tom Mothersdale, contribute substantially to the plot. Their characters add complexity and weight to the plot, enhancing the viewing experience as a whole.

World-Crafting Immersion

The production values of the series elevate it further. Convincing set designs and period-appropriate costumes seamlessly convey the audience to each distinct time period. The attention to detail creates a setting that is palpable, allowing viewers to thoroughly immerse themselves in the story’s various historical contexts. The authenticity of the visual and environmental elements adds depth to the narrative and enriches the experience as a whole.

A Difficult Conundrum

As a murder mystery series, it provides a narrative that is intricate and convoluted, loaded with social commentary and intrigue. The unique premise of a recurring, unidentified body in a constant location across time periods sets the stage for a number of ingenious complications, which the talented cast executes with aplomb. The series strikes a balance between narrative urgency and character growth, ensuring that viewers are not merely drawn into the mystery but also emotionally invested in the characters.

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A Superb Murder Mystery

Comparisons to other acclaimed series, such as “Dark,” are inevitable, given the time-travel and intricate plot elements. However, the series distinguishes itself with a unique premise and a deftly crafted murder mystery. It takes a novel approach to the genre, ensuring that it stands out and leaves an enduring impression on its audience.

Content and Discretion of the Viewer

Important to note is that the series does not stray away from mature content. The series contains a substantial quantity of nudity, vulgar language, and violence, which may not be suitable for all audiences. Caution is advised for viewers.

“Bodies” is a compelling and mind-boggling limited series that effectively combines the elements of mystery, time travel, and social commentary. It may have instances of narrative repetition and a lengthy running time, but its strengths, which include outstanding performances and immersive world-building, greatly outweigh these minor flaws. It offers a genuinely unique viewing experience, making it a must-see for fans of intricate storytelling and thought-provoking themes.

Overall the series is a thriller series and quite good to watch. I would give 4 stars out of 5 you should give it a try and enjoy the series. Every character has given their best performances throughout the series.

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