“Calling Sahasra” Trailer out – stars sudheer

The “Calling Sahasra trailer released Tuesday 21st November 2023 with a suspense-thriller and action movie. Arun Vikkirala is the director of the film where the film revolves around the character named “Sahasra.” The movie is ready to release in theatres on 1st December.

About The Trailer

The trailer showcases many unknown scenes like missing people, and an unknown character wearing a mask torturing people by cutting their hands. The trailer starts “Sudheer attempting the call and hearing the words “Hello Sahasra why this many days your phone off? Then Sudheer responds “Who is Sahasra my name is Ajay I took the new sim today.”

calling sahasra

Also in the trailer “Calling Sahasra” there is a chemistry going on between Sudheer and Dollysha. There is a character named ‘Lucifer’ in the film where SIva Balaji tells Sudheer. In the trailer, there is a line “In the Discovery Channel when lion hunts the deer by seeing that some people tell that deer should be saved from the lion and some other think that lion hunger should be fulfilled.” The deactivated number gets the call and asks for an unknown person named “Sahasra.”

calling sahasra


The other cast included in the film are Siva Balaji, Spandana Palli, Ravi Prakash, and some other cast. The producers of the film are Vijesh Kumar Tayal, Chiranjeevi Pamidi, and Venkateswarulu Katuri under the banner of Shadow Media Productions and Radha Arts. Rohith Rahmaniac is the music composer of the film. D Shashi Kiran is the director of photography and Garry Bh is the editor of the film.

Get ready to watch the suspense thriller entertainer film which is going to release on 1st December in theatres. The performance of the actors in every scene captured our attention and mystery scenes which made our anxiety levels more to know about the movie.

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