Hi Nanna Official Trailer Out – Nani & Mrunal Thakur

On December 7, 2023, Shouryuv, a debutante, will helm the eagerly awaited Telugu film “Hi Nanna.” The main actors in the movie are Nani and Mrunal Thakur, with Baby Kiara making a big contribution.

Hi Nanna Official Trailer Out - Nani & Mrunal Thakur


The theatrical trailer, which debuted recently, is a gripping 2-minute, 41-second clip that evokes a wide range of emotions, including love, pain, rage, and more. In the film, Nani portrays Viraj, a photographer attempting to navigate the challenges of fatherhood while his daughter Tara looks for information regarding her mother.


Nani portrays Viraj, the main character who is also a father juggling the challenges of parenthood and being a photographer. Mrunal Thakur as Yashna, Tara imagined this figure to be her mother, which gives the story a poignant touch. Baby Kiara, acting as Viraj’s daughter Tara, establishes the scene for the drama that follows. Supporting cast members Jayaram, Priyadarshi, and Shruti Haasan give the plot more nuance.

hi nanna trailer


The storyline centers on Viraj’s relationship with his father and daughter, exposing his turbulent history with his first wife. Because Tara sees Yashna as her mother, there are suspicions over Tara’s true identity and the reasons behind her leaving.

Highlights of the trailer:

Soulful music and bright graphics accentuate the emotionally intense trailer, which suggests that this may be a blockbuster. The complex history between Nani and his wife piques viewers’ curiosity.

Music and Cinematography:

Hesham Abdul Wahab’s soundtrack deepens the story’s emotional impact, while Sahu John Varghese’s cinematography beautifully depicts the aesthetic elegance of natural settings.


Nani plays Viraj with such emotional depth that it’s easy to see his complexity. As Yashna, Mrunal Thakur excels and has a powerful presence on screen. In addition to adding suspense, Shruti Haasan’s appearance enhances Kiara Khanna’s endearing performance.

Hi Nanna Official Trailer Out - Nani & Mrunal Thakur


With barely 2.5 minutes of footage, director Shouryuv offers a world of emotions while taking on a difficult story in a bizarre way. Vyra Entertainment’s extravagant budget, which is seen in every scene, lends credence to the film’s claim of making an impression on spectators. “Hi Nanna” is more than just a film; it’s an immersive emotional experience that takes place on a large screen.

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