“Karmma Calling” Trailer – Premiers on Disney+Hotstar

Ready for its thrilling drama, “Karmma Calling” premieres on January 26. The compelling character Indrani Kothari, played by Raveena Tandon in the two-minute trailer, is a resident of the wealthy town of Alibaug and is embroiled in a retaliation plan. Ruchi Narain is directing this remake of the popular series “Revenge.” The series is available on the DisneyPlus Hotstar online OTT platform.

Karmma calling


Raveena Tandon as Indrani Kothari

Character Karma Talwar, played by Namrata Steth, joins Alibaug’s higher echelons, as seen in the video. She is a ruthless girl who is seeking vengeance and has no room for mercy. The idea that nobody can change their fate is a recurrent motif in “Koi Nahi Bachega Karma Se.” Karma becomes intensely competitive with Raveena Tandon’s character Indrani as she employs extreme tactics to irritate her. That seems to indicate that Indrani may need to own up to her past wrongdoings.

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Produced by Ashutosh Shah, Taher Shabbir, and Ruchi Narain, this series promises drama, mystery, and intrigue. There is a hint in the trailer of a confrontation between Karma and Indrani, who are both driven by a desire for revenge. As someone who is committed to following the law—an eye for an eye, blood for blood, and deceit to avenge deceit—Namrata Sheth portrays Karma Talwar as such. As a result of Indrani’s attempts to outsmart Karma, she could have to pay for her previous sins.

The cast of “Karmma Calling” Series

In “Karmma Calling,” the ensemble cast includes Viraf Patel, Gaurav Sharma, Gaurav Sood, Gauravjeet Virk, Amy Aela, and Waluscha De Sousa. Throughout the narrative, each character adds depth and intensifies the drama and tension. The show will broadcast on Disney+ Hotstar starting on January 26th, providing viewers with an immersive experience.

The “Karmma Calling” trailer gradually exposes that the film is about more than just revenge; rather, it’s about a complicated network of secrets, betrayals, and the inevitable consequences of one’s actions. The series’ excellent cast, gripping story, and strong performances will guarantee that fans are kept on the edge of their seats. Or will Indrani’s past catch up with her and prevent her from outwitting Karma? When the answer is available on January 26, fans can expect an exciting and thrilling ride.

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