“Love Again” – Netflix Movie Review

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“Love Again,” Netflix’s latest romantic drama, blends a tale of profound sadness, chance encounters, and the strength of human connection. The film, which stars Priyanka Chopra Jonas as a children’s book illustrator and Sam Hewan as a music critic, takes viewers on an emotional journey through loss, love, and an unexpected twist of fate.

love again

The plot opens with Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ character, a creative painter who is madly in love with her boyfriend. Tragically, her boyfriend is murdered in a vehicle accident, shattering their bliss. Two years later, she is still dealing with immense grief. She reluctantly returns to her Manhattan apartment, which she shares with her younger sister, seeking solace in the familiar.

love again

Sam Hewan’s character, a music writer for a New York newspaper, experiences his own tragedy after his influencer fiancée abandons him only days before their wedding. His personal life is in shambles, despite his work duties. His task to interview Celine Dion for her global tour takes an unexpected diversion when Celine inquires about his personal life, effectively turning the tables on him.

love again

The Texting Connection:

The film takes an intriguing turn when Priyanka’s character, who is still mourning her partner, begins sending texts to his old cell phone number. The number had been switched to Sam Hewan’s character, unbeknownst to her. Instead of dismissing these SMS as spam, he is drawn in by the real pain expressed in her messages. He sets out on a journey to uncover the clues concealed within her texts in order to meet her.

An Unlikely Love Story:

Fate brings their paths together, and the two characters fall in love. A crucial twist, though, hangs over their developing romance—Sam is aware of the texts, but Priyanka is not. The spectator is left wondering if Sam would share the truth and what will happen if Priyanka discovers the secret.

Celine Dion’s captivating Presence:

 One unexpected feature of “Love Again” is Celine Dion’s captivating presence as herself. Her amusing and slightly meddling presence lends a distinct depth to the film. She becomes a worldwide celebrity who decides to play a matchmaker, and her involvement in their relationship adds a delightful twist to the plot.

Chemistry and Predictability:

Despite the film’s promising premise, some viewers may find Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Hewan’s chemistry insufficient. Their on-screen chemistry fails to ignite the sparks required for a realistic romance. While romantic dramas are recognized for their predictability, “Love Again” relies largely on clichés, passing up possibilities to explore more complex storytelling.

Nick Jonas Appearance:

A surprise appearance by Nick Jonas as Priyanka Chopra. Jonas’ bumble date provides a touch of star flair to the film, but his involvement is brief and insignificant.


Netflix’s “Love Again” is a moving investigation of sorrow, unexpected connections, and the role of technology in modern romance. While the film has a captivating premise and Celine Dion’s comedic appeal, it falls short of conveying the chemistry between its key characters. Nonetheless, it manages to captivate viewers with its emotional journey and leaves them contemplating the implications of secrets and serendipity in matters of the heart. “Love Again” is a bittersweet reminder that love, in all of its manifestations, has the capacity to heal even the most deep wounds.

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