“No Hard Feelings” – Movie Review

The story of “No Hard Feelings” centers on the relationship between Maddie, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Percy, played by Andrew Barth Feldman. As it takes viewers on a trip through Maddie and Percy’s lives, the narrative addresses themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery. This review explores the story, the relationships between the characters, and the entire cinematic experience.

No hard feelings

The meeting of Percy and Maddie

The narrative begins when Maddie says she wants to adopt a puppy, which causes her to run into Percy, a quiet young man who works at a dog adoption center. Their first meeting paves the way for a special and heartfelt connection. A captivating interaction between Maddie’s determination to have a dog and Percy’s reserved demeanor takes viewers into their world.

No hard feelings

Miscommunication and bonding

During a car ride, Percy mistakenly thinks Maddie has kidnapped him, which is a crucial turning point in the movie. Maddie’s proclamation that “I am not a kidnapper” becomes a famous quote that deepens and adds humor to their relationship. This misunderstanding serves as the foundation for their developing friendship, as Maddie decides to mentor Percy in order to help him become more outgoing and confident.

Love Blossoms

The movie skillfully depicts the burgeoning romance between Maddie and Percy as they spend more time together. These heartfelt and passionate moments give the narrative an emotional foundation. The on-screen chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman gives credibility to the developing romance between their characters.

A Choice That Changed My Life

When Percy decides he no longer wants to go to college and instead wants to stay with Maddie, the story takes an emotional turn. His parents become apart as a result of this choice, which occasionally creates conflict and unhappiness. The film deftly explores the complications of personal aspirations and familial expectations.

No hard feelings

Percy’s Battles

Percy’s internal conflict about his parents’ decision to buy a new car gives him more depth as a person. His hesitation to speak about his genuine emotions and his attempts to protect his parents from his emotional issues show how much his character has developed throughout the movie.

Forgiveness and Friendship

Following a period of avoidance, Maddie tries to get in touch with Percy. It’s lovely to watch them rekindle their friendship, which shows how important forgiveness and understanding are. Their relationship is crucial to the film’s message of fortitude and personal development.


A lovely film with entertainment, comedy, and romantic themes, “No Hard Feelings” tells a gripping tale. The performances of Jennifer Lawrence and Andrew Barth Feldman make Maddie and Percy likable and believable. In a compelling way, the movie examines the concepts of love, friendship, and self-discovery. It is streamable on Netflix and a requirement for anyone looking for an enjoyable and comforting movie experience.

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