Red, White & Royal Blue

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Red, White & Royal Blue

Let’s delve into the captivating world of three distinct colors: red, white, and royal blue. These colors hold significance in the story of ‘Red White and Royal Blue,’ a compelling tale where the first son of the United States. Alex Claremont Diaz, and the youthful Prince Henry share a love that transcends borders.

This heartwarming film was skillfully directed by Matthew Lopez, a talented Hispanic filmmaker who also penned ‘The Inheritance,’ a remarkable Broadway play centered around queer themes. I yearned to experience ‘The Inheritance’ firsthand, but alas, financial constraints prevented me from doing so.

Evaluating the ‘Red White and Royal Blue’ Movie Adaptation

Red, White & Royal Blue

A substantial number of Tony Awards often signifies the excellence of a production. ‘Red White and Royal Blue’ received its fair share of accolades, indicating its exceptional quality. Nicholas Galen Galitzine delivered a compelling performance as the love interest, alongside Alexander Claremont Diaz Taylor, who played the main character. Pronunciation aside, Taylor also portrayed the protagonist’s best friend. You might recognize her from ‘Love, Victor.’ Uma Thurman, a notable figure, stepped into the role of President Taylor, while Rachel Hilson embodied Nora Holleran, the Vice President’s daughter.

I won’t provide a full book review, but I did manage to read most of it. When it comes to live-action adaptations of books, they often face challenges in living up to the source material. Some fall short, while others are simply disappointing. So, how does this live-action version fare? Is it a serviceable companion to the book? Let’s dive into it.

After watching the movie adaptation, I’m feeling a strong urge to revisit the book. The characters, particularly Alex, his best friend Nora, and his relationship with Henry, left a lasting impression on me. I remember devouring about half of the book in a single sitting and then savoring the rest throughout the week. I must say, I truly enjoyed the book.

The Complexities of Love and Politics

Red, White & Royal Blue

Exploring the lives of these two politically prominent figures, Alex as the President’s son and Henry as the second in line to the throne, was fascinating. The intricacies of their relationship and the necessity of keeping it clandestine due to their high-profile positions added an intriguing layer to the story, especially with Alex’s mother’s re-election campaign in full swing.

I won’t delve into a book review, but speaking about the movie itself, I found it charming, and the acting was commendable. The need to keep their relationship a secret due to political implications, potential re-election concerns, and the fact that Henry is a royal with all the historical baggage that comes with it added depth to the storyline.

Christopher Galitzine and Taylor, in the role of Alexander Claremont Diaz, truly embodied what I envisioned while reading about Prince Henry and Alex. Taylor, though I might still be mispronouncing his name, certainly possesses the looks and intelligence to match the character as portrayed in the dialogue with Alex. The only aspect I’d tweak is that, based on the descriptions in the book, he’s supposed to be even more attractive than Alex.

Missing Elements and Rating Discrepancies

Red, White & Royal Blue

While I did enjoy the movie adaptation overall, there are two particular aspects that left me dissatisfied. These elements, which were present and appreciated in the books, didn’t quite make it to the screen. It’s worth noting that there’s only one book in this series, but I’m hopeful for a sequel in the future.

This book ventures into some decidedly rated-R territory. I’m not just referring to the sections where they discuss explicit sexual details, although those are there. More so, it’s in the way the characters converse with each other, dropping f-bombs and speaking like real people.

And, of course, the intimate scenes are quite explicitly rated-R. There’s a moment when Alex and Prince Henry share their first intimate encounter, and there’s a sense of uncertainty about whether Henry should give Alex a goodnight kiss.

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