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Paco Plaza’s film “Sister Death” transports us to a terrifying post-World War II Spain. The movie centers on Narcissa, a young novice with superhuman abilities, as she enrolls in a ladies’ school that was once a convent with the goal of becoming a teacher. But as her time at the convent progresses, she starts to have weird and distressing experiences that haunt her. She will soon discover the horrific conspiracy of secrets enveloping the convent and plaguing its occupants as a result of these unsettling events.

sister death

The unnerving context

The film ‘Sister Death’ begins with a powerful shot of a small girl in the middle of a gathering of peasants, the majority of whom are worshipping and clutching crosses. It’s clear that the tiny child attracting all the attention has a hidden religious meaning. After ten years, we see the same girl—now a young woman—entering the convent.

As the narrative goes on, she comes across odd and unsettling events that reveal upsetting secrets. The fact that Narcissa continues to be unaware of the lore and history of the convent that others appear to be well-versed in serves as a masterful setup for the ominous tone. Similar to Narcissa, the spectator is kept in the dark, which causes anxiety and doubt about what’s going on and the importance of these events.

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A Veil of Suspicion

On her first day of teaching, for example, Narcissa’s basic act of writing her name on a chalkboard causes terror among the children. They don’t give a clear explanation for their response right away, which makes the situation uncomfortable and invites additional discomfort. Moreover, some of the nuns have a certain amount of hostility towards Narcissa. They seem suspicious of her and perhaps incensed by her presence, but it’s unclear why they feel this way. This mystery adds to the overall fascination by making us wonder what happened before Narcissa arrived, which is the reason why everyone is nervous.

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Deciphering the Enigma

Before anyone believes that these plot points will remain unanswered or unclear, the story does come full circle to offer a satisfying resolution. The plot’s fundamental mystery turns out to be incredibly captivating. Uncovering a shadowy past illuminates current occurrences and provides an explanation for Narcissa’s unsettling experiences. Following these discoveries, there are eerie scenes in which Sister Narcissa either sees ghostly figures or comes across strange imagery. The images are always visceral and disconcerting, if not necessarily horrifying.

She can see some incredibly bizarre and twisted things because of her magical skills. The portrayal of Narcissa as a trustworthy narrator is what distinguishes Sister Death. Although some of the unfriendly nuns surrounding her cast doubt on the veracity of her experiences, she maintains her skepticism while being adamant that something supernatural is, in fact, happening. The audience is further made to believe in the horrors she endures by this dichotomy in her character as well as by concrete acts and images.

The Tempo and Transition

With just 90 minutes, the film’s runtime guarantees that the story advances quickly without feeling hurried. The story purposefully withholds specific answers for the first two-thirds of the narrative. Rather, the story concentrates on developing the plot, increasing suspense, and strengthening the sense of mystery. Subsequently, the narrative gradually reveals the pivotal details, culminating in an intense finale. Notably, there is a smooth transition between the past and present. These shifts connect the two timeframes in a seamless manner, resulting in a cyclical sequence of events that is neither boring nor monotonous. They add to the mood of the movie, raising the tension in satisfyingly horrific ways and doing it fast.

sister death movie review

The Horrible Reality of Useful Effects

Sister Death is a master at enhancing dread and terror with realistic effects. Instead of using jump scares, the movie mostly uses makeup and subdued, hidden movements or images. The slow, peaceful pace of this method makes the terror much more potent. Rather than depending on “pop-out-and-get-you” horrors, the movie uses subdued images to build suspense and an uncomfortable environment.

An Emphasis Deficit

But there’s a big problem at the end, where it’s kind of hard to understand what the crimes are. The “why” of the climax is not entirely evident, despite a tiny but informative dialogue segment early in the movie that offers some explanation. This may give the climax an abrupt appearance and less force. Even though the victims may not agree with the occurrences, the characters’ intentions are well-defined, and the feelings that fuel their animosity and venom are apparent.

In summary

‘Sister Death’ is a superb silent horror movie that skillfully creates tense suspense throughout the story. It builds suspense and culminates in a worthy and rewarding finale by fusing a sense of growing mystery with real-world implications. The story’s slow-burn structure makes it possible to gradually become immersed in the unsettling universe of the movie. It makes for a stressful and uncomfortable watch because it chooses subtle images over jump scares. With outstanding makeup and realistic effects, Paco Plaza’s direction creates a gripping and unsettling story that will linger in your mind long after the credits have rolled.

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