True Beauty – TV Series Review

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The heart-wrenching tale True Beauty, I’m about to unfold revolves around a young girl named Jugyeong, whose life was marred by the relentless torment of bullying, all centered on her appearance. In a world that can be unrelenting in its judgment, Jugyeong sought refuge in cosmetics to mask her perceived flaws. This poignant story True Beauty isn’t just another “love yourself” narrative; it delves into the complexities of self-acceptance. It is revealing harsh truths that challenge our notions of love and trust.

True Beauty

Jugyeong’s journey takes a turn during high school when she crosses paths with a young man who would come to genuinely cherish her. However, even as the storyline seemingly promotes self-love, it hints at deeper disquiet. Let’s dive deeper into Jugyeong’s character.

A Pivotal Moment: Jealousy and Misunderstanding in True Beauty

True Beauty

Two years prior, Suho, a significant figure in her life, left Korea. Yet, Jugyeong remains seemingly unaffected by his absence. She retains her innate naivety and immaturity, much as she did two years after graduating from high school. While it’s not obligatory for partners to be aware of every facet of each other’s lives, Jugyeong’s insecurities get the best of her.

She becomes envious of Suho’s interactions with another girl who has undergone surgery, and to bridge this gap, she undergoes a similar transformation, altering her appearance. The real issue here is that she compels Suho to promise full transparency while she herself conceals many aspects, particularly her altered face. It’s a paradox that she accuses Suho of infidelity while, in truth, he’s not betraying her but rather using her as a means to escape emotional turmoil.

A pivotal moment in True Beauty occurs when Suho is caught in an intimate moment with Jugyeong. Their relationship becomes further strained when she witnesses him having a friendly interaction with another girl. Her jealousy flares and accusations of infidelity fly. In his frustration, Suho warns the girl who had previously approached him, asserting, “I don’t know what you’re doing; I don’t understand.” It’s a moment that underscores Jugyeong’s lack of perspective. While her envy is palpable, she fails to consider Suho’s feelings and struggles. Her actions may be driven by insecurity, but what about his emotions and desires?

The Precarious Nature of Their Relationship in True Beauty

True Beauty

Jugyeong’s character is complex. She puts herself on display, craving validation from others while being apprehensive about what Suho might think. This lack of trust in herself and her partner stems from her desire for a boyfriend and her infatuation with Suho, the charming boy who entered her life.

This relationship is precarious because it’s based on the premise of wanting everything: forgiveness, love, trust, and admiration. It’s a tumultuous rollercoaster where emotions run high, and both Jugyeong and Suho struggle to find balance.

His past trauma, including the loss of a friend and separation from Jugyeong, has left deep scars. His discovery of Jugyeong’s brief five-day dating stint triggers emotions, leading to moments of tenderness, anger, and even physical altercations. Her assistance and the bittersweet farewell at the airport when she moved to Korea still resonate with him, blurring the lines of their relationship.

Love, Trust, and Self-Acceptance in an Intricate Narrative

True Beauty

The narrative never crosses certain boundaries; it remains respectful of their relationship. But the question lingers: Why does Suho act this way? Why does he remain silent even as Jugyeong frantically searches for him in Japan? It’s a complex dance of emotions, where Suho grapples with his inner demons and remains elusive.

In the midst of this emotional storm, it’s essential to remember that there’s no shame in seeking means to boost self-confidence. Whether it’s through makeup, a metaphorical “mask” that helps Jugyeong feel more secure, or any other method, self-acceptance takes various forms. What matters is the journey toward understanding and embracing oneself.

“The Secret of Angel,” originally titled “Djibouti,” unfolds as a poignant tale of three angels battling depression. Suho’s character rushes to be by Jugyeong’s side when she is hospitalized, revealing his sweet and caring nature. He loves his family and friends deeply, but he is far from perfect.

In this intricate narrative, love, trust, and self-acceptance intertwine, forming a tapestry of emotions and experiences. It’s a story that challenges us to delve deep into the complexities of human relationships and the intricate dance of understanding oneself while navigating the uncharted waters of love and vulnerability.

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