Renowned Actor-Politician's Demise: Captain Vijayakanth, creator of DMDK, passes away at 71.

Legacy of Dual Impact: Vijayakanth's life intertwined cinema and politics seamlessly.

Health Battles and Pneumonia: Recent years marked health concerns, leading to pneumonia.

Complications of COVID-19 Revelation: The Party's premature COVID-19 disclosure added complexity to his illness.

DMDK's Political Ascendancy: Founded in 2005, DMDK emerged as a significant political force.

Silver Screen to Political Arena: Vijayakanth, born in 1952, was a versatile actor-politician.

Leadership Beyond Cinema: Known as "Captain," he led Tamil Nadu's political opposition.

Premalatha's Leadership Transition: Wife Premalatha took over as DMDK's general secretary.

National Mourning and Modi's Condolences: PM Modi sympathizes with Vijayakanth's passing.

Enduring Legacy: Vijayakanth's contributions inspire generations, leaving an indelible mark.