The trailer of "The Village" - released today on friday

The Village is a horror web series which is going to premiere on Prime Video on November 24.

Arya is going to play as the lead role in the film.

Milind Rau is the director of this horror series.

The trailer shows Arya along with his wife and daughter goes to a trip

In the middle of the journey the car tyre gets punctured and arya leaves both of them in car  and search for help. 

In the middle of the trailer it shows there are some monsters who keep on attacking and killing the people.

Arya and someother people fights with the monsters to protect themselves.

The other cast included in the film are Divya pillai, George maryan, pooja ramachandran, and some more.

The trailer is equipped with  horror scenes which combines with violence. Stay tuned on Prime Video for November 24 to watch the series.