"Bodies" is an eight-episode Netflix series created by Paul Tomalin.

The series features a talented cast, including Kyle Soller, Jacob Fortune Lloyd, Amaka Okafor, and Shira.

"Bodies" presents a captivating blend of crime investigation and time-travel elements.

The series revolves around an unidentified body that reappears in the same London alley in different time periods.

The mystery involves an unchanging victim with a gunshot wound to the eye and a cryptic tattoo on the wrist.

Detectives from four distinct time periods collaborate to uncover a conspiracy spanning over 150 years.

The series strikes a balance between an engaging narrative and moments of potential repetition.

The cast's exceptional performances enhance the story, with no single character dominating the plot.

"Bodies" weaves explicit social commentary into each time period, emphasizing key themes.

The production values, including set designs and costumes, transport viewers to different historical contexts, adding depth to the narrative.