The characters of Gaami film  released in the teaser on 17 FEB,2024

The director of the film is  Vidyadhar Kagita

Vishwak Sen will be playing the main character role in the film.

Vishwak sen, Chandini Chowdary, and M G Abhinaya are in the teaser shown in different roles.

The teaser starts with "This is the solution to your problem. Shankar? Do you think I can overcome all this... ...and achieve the impossible?"

In the introduction of the teaser there was a person holding a historical map having mountains and other things.

The Producer of the film is Karthik Sabareesh 

The Music for the film is working on is Naresh Kumaran

The Gaami trailer will be releasing on 29 Feb, 2024.

The teaser shows excitement  and interesting things