Movie Title & Director:Prasanth Varma's "Hanu-Man" introduces the universe of Hanuman

 Lead Actor: Teja Sajja plays the transformative role of Hanuman.

Viral Teaser Buzz: The film gained extraordinary attention after a viral teaser.

Epic Conflict:Anjanadri faces an invasion by a supervillain with world-domineering ambitions

Visual Spectacle: Prasanth Varma's directorial skills create a mesmerizing universe in Anjanadri.

Supervillain Antagonist:Vinay Rai portrays a menacing supervillain, raising the stakes

Background Score & Cinematography: Hari Gowra's powerful score complements Dasaradhi Shivendra's effective cinematography

Rich Production Values: PrimeShow Entertainment ensures a classic status for "Hanu-Man."

Prasanth Varma Cinematic Universe: The movie marks the beginning of an exciting new cinematic universe.

Release Date: "Hanu-Man" hits screens worldwide on the highly anticipated date of January 12th.