Cinematic Marvels Unveiled: Prabhas and Maruti's enchanting partnership unfolds.

"Salaar" Triumph: Prabhas revels in the global success of "Ceasefire."

Pan-Indian Sensation: Prabhas prepares for another milestone in his career.

People Media Factory Collaboration: Maruti directs Prabhas in an ambitious project.

Sankranthi Surprise: The Film's title and first-look poster reveales on January 14.

Transformative Pre-Look Poster: The Teaser showcases Prabhas in a mysterious portrait.

Intriguing Caption: "Dinosaur transformed into an amazing DARLING."

Production Powerhouse: TG Vishwa Prasad and Vivek Kuchibotla lead behind the scenes.

Cast Secrets: Heroine and key cast members remain under wraps.

Cinematic Delight Awaits: Fans eagerly anticipate Prabhas's new on-screen avatar.