Global Celebration for Ratan Tata's Birthday: Honoring the titan of business and philanthropy.

Descendant of Tata Legacy: Born on December 28, 1937, in Bombay, India.

Education at Elite Institutions: Studied architecture at Cornell and business at Harvard.

Steel Sector Apprentice: Ratan Tata's career kick-started in Tata Steel, Jamshedpur.

Chairmanship at Tata Group: Led the Tata Group from 1991 to 2012, a transformative era.

Diversification and Acquisitions: Oversaw the group's global expansion, including TCS and Jaguar Land Rover.

Post-Retirement Investments: Continued to make impactful investments in startups and businesses.

Philanthropy Through Tata Trusts: Committed to charity with a focus on ethical corporate conduct.

Resilience, Vision, and Legacy: Ratan Tata's enduring impact on business, philanthropy, and innovation.

Global Respect and Recognition: Ratan Tata's contributions echo worldwide, earning widespread admiration.