The "Tillu Square" trailer fulfils fans' hopes by presenting an intriguing follow-up to DJ Tillu.

Returned as Tillu, Star Boy Siddhu Jonnalagadda is prepared to take on a new journey.

Tillu deals with the fallout from his previous relationship and discovers love—unexpectedly—with Anupama Parameswaran.

Siddhu and Anupama have a strong affinity that creates the perfect atmosphere for special moments.

The Valentine's Day trailer gives an idea of the emotional ride that lies ahead.

Siddhu enthrals with his charm, and Anupama shines in her role, showing off a new side.

"Tillu Square" promises wonderful romance, exhilarating action, and striking sights.

The sequel, which is being produced by Fortune Four Cinemas and Sithara Entertainments, opens across on March 29.

Prepare to laugh, cry, and fall in love once more as "Tillu Square" transports you to a different world of movies.

Excitement is in the air for the highly anticipated sequel, which the trailer teases.